Aureliana-Maria returned for the fourth time from Germany. We have a victory for which we thank God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the prayers of the Mother of God and all the saints. The backbone was directed 11-degree Cobb angle, meaning the gradation lowed from 62 degrees Cobb angle to 51 degrees Cobb angle. Because the 4-degree lumbar spine tightening, a new Cheneau corset has been developed that directs the lumbar region by 13 degrees (ie from 47 degrees without a corset to 34 with a corset). This new corset has 4 pressure points in which it acts for straightening and, to be useful, it should be worn for 22 hours a day. In the other 2 hours, Aureliana-Maria is committed to Schroth Best Practice therapy, hoping for a better outcome in August, when she is expected again at the German clinic. Weekly, on Saturday, she goes to Bucharest where she has 2 Schroth Best Practice sessions under the close supervision of physiotherapist Marina Popescu. The new corset helps Aureliana-Maria breathe better, the vital pulmonary capacity rising from 52% without a corset to 60% with a corset. I submitted to the Ministry of Education, in this case to the President of the National Evaluation Commission, through the Prahova County Inspectorate, a request for the child to support the National Assessment for 3 hours instead of 2 hours, in accordance with the disability law in Romania. In our case, the tests from the National Assessment must be held on a portable bed to avoid orthostatism causing unbearable pain. The little girl is used to write lyeing on a bed. The joy of rewarding work succeeds in decreasing paravertebral pain, especially cervical. I am happy that my daughter had the chance to start the German therapy program with therapist Marina Popescu, and the results are spectacular.

Unfortunately, the momentary girl’s piano career remains just a dream, she now wishes to homeschool, and she will join the “Philology” profile. He dreams of becoming a physiotherapist so he can really help other children. We live in hope every day, hoping God will allow the moment of tomorrow.

We thank all the honest people who are next to us and through whom God has made the impossible possible!