Aureliana-Maria Anisie is 15 years old and is a pianist.

He finished the gymnasium cycle in June 2018 at the “Carmen Sylva” College of Art in Ploiesti, the piano section.

Her dream is to become a therapist to help other children.

She suffers from a severe illness that twists her column every passing day. It’s like squeezing a wet towel. She wants to fight for her life so she can get back to school and a life as normal as possible.

Until last semester, at school, teachers were amazed by her intelligent answers. God gave her a brilliant intelligence with an IQ of 125. She was the first in her age group. In the 6th grade, she had a general average of 10.00 although she was wearing an uncomfortable corset that caused her injuries to her body. In the first semester of the 7th grade, she had the average of 9.86, despite the fact that she missed two months from school because she was gone to Târgu Mureş, struggling to save her life (even then she was wearing a corset which hurt his body).

She really wanted to study the piano (her brother was already noticed, and the piano had become a good friend in our house). In a few years, with an infinite ambition, he managed to win the first prize at the Piano-Odyssey Olympiad in Odorheiu-Secuiesc in 2014 and the first prize at the Piano Concert Olympiad – Zonal Phase in Pitesti in 2015. During the same period , in 2014, in Târgovişte took place the National Piano Interpretation Competition “W.A. Mozart”, where Aureliana-Maria won the second prize.

She liked to paint everything, including the walls in her room. Her drawings enjoy our souls when we look at them. She sang like an angel, read enormously and learn as easy as a bird in flight. she wondered why she failed to get 100 points at the Piano Interpretation Olympics. Now she knows why: she first had to win the Olympics for her Health.

Aureliana – Maria has congenital evolutionary idiopathic scoliosis.

Due to the galloping evolution of this idiopathic scoliosis, the structural changes of the spine cause unbearable pain in the cervico-thoracic and toraco-lumbar areas. According to the AUGMENTED LEHNERT-SCHROTH classification, Aureliana-Maria has an idiopathic Type 3 curvature scoliosis with a compensatory curvature in the cervico-thoracic area (very painful).
She’s still a little girl who feels she’s going to be fine and returns to school.

Drawings by Aureliana-Maria

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