Dr. Tiberiu Ionescu also interpreted the last MRI of the spine for Aureliana-Maria. The news is incredible: on a horizontal level, the degrees of the Cobb angle dropped impressively, as can be seen from the German vertical scanning. We look forward to the April X-ray. Thank you wholeheartedly for the quietness brought to our souls by Dr. Tiberiu Ionescu and Dr. Albu Marian, the one who started the recommendation!

With the help of God, who worked through beautiful men, Aureliana-Maria returned for the third time from the doctor in Germany. The pains are still present, but she counteracts them with several exercises specific to Schroth Best Practice. Grade Cobb angle decreased, according to Dr. Weiß’s scan. Aureliana-Maria returned cheerfully, believing in her healing. She will have to wear the corset for another year for 22h / 24h, after which she will only hold it on her body for 16h / 24h, if the healing takes place normally. In April 2018, another corset will be made, as the little girl has developed. This will only be possible thanks to the awesome people who want to see Aureliana-Maria healed. Thank you wholeheartedly for giving us hope!

After months of staying at home, she now goes to school. To be okay, every day, we take to school a new friend: the mobile bed. We put it behind the classroom, and the little girl listens to classes in a convenient way to heal her column. I’m sitting in the desk and take notes. The corset has a shoulder strap on the right shoulder which forces the hand to stand in a good position to straighten the column, but inconvenient for writing.