Aureliana-Maria Anisie wishes to fight for her life!

Our daughter, Aureliana-Maria, is thirteen and a half years old. With an IQ of 125 she is a brilliant student, always astonishing her teachers with intelligent answers. Not until too long ago, she stood out as the first one in her age group, finishing grade 6 with an average of 100%. She accomplished that despite the fact she had to wear an uncomfortable brace that was harming her body. Although she missed two months of schools, battling for her life and seeking medical treatment at Targu Mures, her average in the first semester of grade 7 was 98.6 %.

Just like her older brother, already a known pianist, Aureliana-Maria has always wanted to play the piano. To prove her immeasurable determination, in just a few years of study, she succeeded to win first place in the Regional Piano Competition in Odorheiu Secuiesc (2014) and also in the Regional Piano Competition in Pitesti the following year. As well, in 2014 she won second place in the Mozart National Piano Competition held in Targoviste.

She used to sing like an angel and loved drawing on everything, even on the walls… Our heart fills with joy when we look at her pictures. She used to be a voracious reader and learning new concepts used to come so naturally to her. She was wondering why she was not able achieve 100% in the inter-regional school contests, so that she could travel across the country. The answer to her question is because there was another battle she had to win first: the one for her own life!

Aureliana-Maria was diagnosed with Idiopathic Severely Progressive Congenital Scoliosis. The abnormality of her spine’s structure causes excruciating pain, especially in the cervical-thoracic and thoracolumbar regions. According to the Lehnert-Schroth Augmented Classification System her pattern is a 3-curve type, with a compensatory curve in the cervical-thoracic region (extremely painful). But my little girl finds the strength to keep smiling and keep dreaming that one day she will be healthy again and be able to return to school!
Over a period of two years, Aureliana-Maria had to change four different Chêneau type braces. The first two braces, made in Bucharest by Oropedica in 2015-2016, only worsen her condition by deviating the angles with 27 more degrees. At that time she started swimming sessions, she did craniosacral therapy and kinesiotherapy. The other two braces were made in Targu-Mures by Ortoprofil. Although she wore the braces 22 hours a day and did daily Schroth therapy in Targu-Mures and at home, she started experiencing the severe pain in the cervical and lumbar areas.

Her lung capacity dropped down by over 47%, but according to the doctors, the Schroth Best Practice therapy should bring a great improvement. She stopped attending school in the second semester of grade 7 because it was too painful to seat or stand for extended periods of time. She feels dizzy and experiences abdominal and neck pains. Each day in Aureliana-Maria’s life is a struggle for survival. There are times when the neck pain goes to her back and hands, keeping her immobilized in bed. Her spine warps like twisted towel. Despite all these, she finds the strength to smile, especially to her little brother, Andrei, who is almost three years old and loves sharing his snacks with his sister. It is indeed her smile who gives us strength and energy to keep on fighting!
Dr. Stefan Mindea, a neurologist from Constanta, recommended that we go to Germany to see Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiß, the founder of The Schroth Best Practice therapy.

The neorologist Cristina Motoescu, encouraged us to continue with the Schroth Best Practice therapy, in combination with wearing the brace, in order to increase her lung capacity. In her opinion, because this is a congenital disorder, surgery is not an option. Dr Sorin Tarnoveanu, neurosurgeon at the Budimex hospital, also recommended us to follow this same path, as the girl is still growing and her internal organs need to develop properly. According to the Risser sign, her skeletal maturity reached grade 3 out of 5.
With the help of generous, kind people, to whom we would never be able to thank enough, Aureliana-Maria has finally seen one of her dreams fulfilled. On June 18th 2017, following a thorough examination by Dr. Weiß in Germany, she received a new Chêneau brace that has already corrected the vertebral inclination angles of the thoracic region from 62 degrees to 50 degrees. After only two days her state was noticeably improved! She was able to do simple things like going on a swing or walking in the park, just like any other normal person. The day we flew to Germany she had to use a wheel chair because it would have been impossible for her to stand in the line to get on the plane. On our way back, not being able to use a wheel chair at the airport, she walked by herself – even pulling her own luggage, until we got out of the airport where a wheel chair was waiting for her. She was feeling considerably better.

That day, we felt the divine grace falling upon us again.

This is a critical year for her life! Each day she has to wear the brace for 22 hours and to do 2 hours of Schroth therapy. On a scale from 1 to 10 her pain level is constantly 7 or 8. It’s only through Schroth Best Practice Therapy that the pain is reduced to a level 2. There are three forces acting simultaneously from different directions in order to straighten her spine. Because of this, she has to start life from scratch. Actions that we take for granted she has to learn all over again: learning to walk, breathing, sitting down, etc. The therapy helps controlling her pain. Every three months, with God’s help, she has to return to Germany to have her brace adjusted or replaced. Dr. Weiß reassured us that within three years we should be seeing a great improvement.

One day, Aureliana told me that she was dreaming to become a physiotherapist, as she said “to bring comfort to sorrowful mothers like you”. Some other day she asked me: “Mommy, if I am a good, is God going to have a place for me in heaven?”

I pray to God to keep us strong and united so that we can show Aureliana-Maria how much we treasure her. All she needs is to keep smiling!

Aureliana-Maria wishes to fight for her life so that one day she can go back to school. If you would like to support her and be part of our hope, if you want to learn for yourselves that the life may not always be as harsh as it seems, you are most than welcome to join us!

You can contact her father – Aurelian Anisie – by phone at 0757298715, or her mother – Adriana Anisie – at 0740098200. To donate for Aureliana-Maria Anisie, we opened an account under her father’s name, Anisie Aurelian at RAIFFEISENBANK SA AGENTIA PRAHOVA / Cod iban RO29RZBR0000060003178270.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking your time to learn about our battle.


Adriana Anisie,
Aureliana-Maria’s mother

September, 2017