One morning in November, Aureliana-Maria woke up with an unbearable pain on the right ovary. The corset could not be worn anymore because it pressed on the area that had already inflamed.

A first ultrasound was carried out at the medical office at the Turnu Monastery in Prahova. There, the monk physician Pavel Minca, with a lot of skill and long gentleness, discovered a right ovary cyst of 8 in 6 cm. She sent us urgently to the “Grigore Alecsandrescu” Hospital in Bucharest and warned us that there is a possibility of losing the right ovary. Since he could not rule out the possibility of appendicitis, he hoped that the Bucharest hospital would be able to elucidate the problem that evening, following simple blood tests.

In Bucharest, the medical team found the huge left ovary cyst and proposed emergency hospitalization. In the next hours, the cyst operation was to be performed. Since our first medical opinion, which we trusted, was contradictory, we preferred to wait for a third medical opinion. There were 7 medical opinions, each with a different diagnosis. We decided to make a pelvic and abdominal MRI in an emergency and, of course, private medical examinations. We were troubled when the result of the assays, a tumor factor was not in the right parameters. All this time, we sought to give her as much rest we could.

God was merciful and a good doctor, Tiberiu Ionescu from Schuller Hospital in Ploiesti, appeared us in the way. With much professionalism and patience, he interpreted the MRI: there was a 3 cm 2 cm on the right ovary that grew during ovulation and decreased after menstruation. We thank God for having trusted the medical opinion of the monk doctor Pavel Minca. Dr. Tiberiu Ionescu advised us to come back in control over a month, which we did. The mercy of the Lord worked in this case, too, and the cyst had turned into a 1 in 2 cm follicle. During this time, the girl followed a treatment based on raspberry tincture, raspberry tea and raspberry gemoderivate. The most important thing was that the cyst was resorbed, the appendicitis did not exist and the little girl could wear the corset to straighten the spinal column.